Sep 14 2009

Wading In…

Buy War BondsI think most people that meet and talk to me would classify me as Liberal (maybe it’s the limp and thinning middle-aged ponytail? *shrug*). Labels are good for sorting things but often fall short of telling the whole truth. Part of the problem (which I really don’t see as a problem) is that many of my positions are evolving.  Flag-waving mouth-breathers see this as weakness, fence-sitting, and an opportunity to rant and foam about why their position makes so much sense. Usually these arguments mirror (to an alarming degree) something a television or radio personality excreted just the day before over their chosen medium.  Not impressed or swayed… Additionally, I am continually unimpressed with both of the major political parties (e.g., the Republicans frighten me, the Democrats disappoint and worry me) and their Kung-Fu Grip on the American political system. We need more than two viable parties. Choices are a good thing.

So here I am complaining about The Powers That Be without any solutions. Typical. Truth be told, I do have SOME solutions but I don’t think a great many people are going to be signing-up for what I have in mind. There would be a lot of “Oh, you can’t do that!” when in fact, we can do pretty much whatever we put our minds to. I’ll discuss some of these items as the blog grows, but for now… here is a list of topics that I hope to discuss in the future:

  • Military reallocation
  • Overreaching Federal laws
  • Firearms
  • Drug legalization
  • Line-item vetoes
  • Transportation and alternative fuels
  • Dismantling the education system
  • Dissolving social security
  • Original copyright
  • Patent reform
  • Overhauling elections
  • Separation of church and state
  • Marriage versus unions
  • Tort reform, etc.
  • Capital punishment
  • Reforming jury selection
  • Defense versus war
  • And more…

If anyone actually cares enough to read this, they should feel free to comment…