Sep 13 2009


Awww... KittyLounge Monkey goes LIVE! Wow… Breathlessly the world awaits another blog. Hmmm… Maybe not so much.

Sooo… Why bother? That’s a good question. Why bother at all. My initial purpose for Lounge Monkey is to post opinions on books, movies, music, and things I encounter as life unfolds. This way, Steve can reassure himself that my opinions are not in anyway reactive and purposefully contrary to his own. We all want to keep Steve happy, even if it requires unleashing another web site onto the inter-tubes. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Honorable Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) for once describing the Internet as: “a series of tubes”.

I guess I don’t really have any particularly good reasons to do this. Hmmm… Ah well, here goes just the same.